TSP®- Top-Surface-Protection

Get more- with MEFA!

With TSP® MEFA offers a full system of surface protection for versatile fields of application until the highest corrosivity category C5, this means the use for a swimming pool area, street tunnel or offshore-areas is possible without problems.

In many application posibilities, cost intensive and difficult to obtain stainless steel constructions can be avoided and used at the same time proven mounting systems.

Main items of TSP® are the two protection systems:

  • TSP®-3
  • TSP®-5

TSP®-3 is perfect for the use until the corrosivity category C3 and is immediately available for many standard components.

TSP®-5 is suitable for highest demands until the corrosivity category C5 I/M.Because of the 3-layer structure is a resistence in the salt spry test until 5950 Hours* confirmed (DIN EN ISO 9227)

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